Your Apartment: How To Beat The Heat!

We’re right in the thick of summer, at least down South! As such, chances are you’re probably experiencing some serious heat fatigue right about now. And with rising temperatures all around, it’s easy to feel a little hot under the collar.

When it comes to living in your apartment, the amount of care and effort you put into keeping cool will ultimately determine just how hot things can get. I recall an instance years ago where the heat got so bad that I had to carry an electric fan everywhere I went! But that was at a time when I valued the cost of the electric bill more than my personal comfort. 

Lucky for you, there are tons of ways to keep cool during the summer. Thanks to these handy tips and tricks, I got you covered when it comes to keeping yourself feeling cool and refreshed regardless of the temperature! Are you ready? Let’s get started!

  1. BLOCK OUT THE SUN DURING THE HOTTEST PARTS OF THE DAY! Live like a bat. As in, close your blinds and embrace sweet, sweet darkness. The shadier your apartment is with less sun filtering through, the slower it will be to start heating up, especially during the hottest parts of the afternoon. 

  2. ADD SOME WINDOW FILM! Having the right kind of window can really make a difference when it comes to cutting out the heat! Thankfully, window film works by blocking out heat flow from getting through the glass, allowing for a cooler, crisper apartment atmosphere. These can be very handy during the height of summer when the sun is at its worst.

  3. USE ENERGY-EFFICIENT LIGHT BULBS! Certain light fixtures tend to put out any excess heat that may be lurking in your apartment. Regular bulbs, conversely, tend to shed a lot more heat in general. 

  4. CRANK THAT AC! There’s no shame in using your air conditioner. Sometimes, during really hot summers, some people might experience problems with their cooling system. So with that in mind, always keep careful watch about how your AC is doing. If it’s not up to scratch, contact your leasing office. Maintenance will gladly fix your issue so you can experience quality air conditioning! If you have pets, make sure to leave your AC on for them during the day if you’re out to work.

  5. MAKE SURE YOUR FANS ARE IN TOP SHAPE! If you’re looking to save money without using your AC too often, don’t forget that you can always use your ceiling fan! Make sure to adjust its positioning so that you’re getting maximum airflow. And of course, always make sure that the fan itself is in good condition if it's operating regularly.

  6. REPAINT! Sometimes, the leasing office might agree to repaint your apartment. Why is this relevant? Because certain colors actually have the ability to retain or repel heat! Lighter colors are especially handy when it comes to pushing heat away, thus creating a cooler atmosphere. Ask the leasing office if you feel that a fresh coat of paint might do the trick!

There’s really plenty of additional great things you can do. Some no-brainers, of course, would be to wear lightweight clothing, take a cold shower, stay hydrated, or use a cold washcloth. When it comes to your apartment, do things your way! Remember to stay safe, stay cool, and enjoy yourself!


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Aug 19