See What’s Brewing at Houston’s Brewsology Event!

Ready to brew up some excitement in the Houston area?

I certainly hope so because starting on Saturday, August 28th, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is going to be hosting a real one-of-a-kind experience for locals. At the Brewsology Beer Festival, guests over 21 can sample over 50 breweries and 150 beers while getting to explore the museum, making for a lively and entertaining overall experience that you’d be crazy to miss out on! 

It’s pretty odd mixing beer and educational learning together but this IS Houston and that’s just how we roll. Personally, I find it pretty funny and I have the very strong belief that this event is going to be a wild ride for the ages. Plus, it’s just a great opportunity to sip on some of the region’s best local brews with friends and family. General admission is running from 8 pm to 11 pm and VIP and Early Admission will be from 7 pm to 11 pm. All ticket tiers will include beer and access throughout the museum with admission. So yes, you can enjoy the sip of a tasty beverage while taking a gander at some T-Rex bones. The perfect combo, in my opinion!

Houston’s cool and playful atmosphere are the reasons why I’m happy to call it my hometown. From the best places to live like Casa del Mar, Providence at Memorial, Bayou Park, Eden Pointe, and The Diamond Hill Apartments, to its many fascinating areas of entertainment and exploration, Houston truly shines as a beacon of creativity and fun. 

This event is definitely no exception as all guests can really enjoy a more relaxed party climate while still getting the chance to enjoy one of the best museums in the state! Just make sure that you wear your masks and practice safe social distancing! If you’re looking for a place to grab some tickets, I’m providing a helpful link to you HERE

A toast, everyone! Here’s to fun, exploration, and the never-ending spiral of awe that is the city of Houston!


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Aug 4