Run With Canny Canines At Houston’s 40th Annual K9 FunRun!

Ready to take exercise to a doggone exciting level?

On December 4th, the Houston Humane Society will be hosting its 40th Annual K9 FunRun! This event will feature a competitive 5K run where guests can enjoy a brisk race with their pooches, as well as meet plenty of adoptable furry friends along the way! For any experienced racer or animal lover, this is the perfect opportunity to really stretch your legs and enjoy some spectacular sights and sounds with the cutest companions in the city! 

This event will feature an array of great things to see and do beyond just running! There will be live entertainment, a kid zone, food, drinks, a place for your pets to cool off, and, of course, plenty of adoption opportunities for those of you looking to give Houston’s shelter pets a Forever Home! There will even be a virtual registration package. Tickets are going on sale for around $40-$50 a person so this is definitely an experience you’ll want to enjoy if you’re really big on animal-oriented fun!

Houston’s best apartments are always located near the very best event locations, including ones like this! Some of my favorite places to live in the area include The Steeples, Providence at Memorial, Diamond Hill, and Providence at Heights! You’ll find that they’re always close to the biggest events in the city, both Downtown and beyond! 

The 40th Annual K9 FunRun is a great way to start the December season, especially if you and your pet are looking to get back into shape following the Thanksgiving binge! There will be plenty of different race options based on your preferences so there are tons of excellent options to choose from to maximize your fun! 

If you’re looking for additional information about this great event, you can check out their main website through this handy link I’m providing HERE. I recommend reserving your spot in advance just in case.

Head on out, pace yourself, and get those tails wagging! 


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Nov 23