Houston Gears Up For Magical Winter Lights!

‘Tis the season! 

This December, the city of Houston will be hosting the beloved Magical Winter Lights experience for families and friends across the city! For newcomers, Magical Winter Lights is basically a massive display of some amazing seasonal decorations and sightings! This year, the event will feature outstanding landmarks including a massive entrance castle, dinosaur-themed exhibits, and plenty of other fantastic displays. Santa and Mrs. Claus will be there, along with plenty of photo opportunities, cultural performances, carnival rides, good, games, music, and more! 

It’s the full holiday package for anyone looking for a great time with friends and family. It runs from December 8th’s all the way to January 2nd, giving you plenty of time to buy your tickets and set your sights on a great overall experience! I am 100% recommending this adventure for anyone with children who love Christmas or dinosaurs because there’s a welcome helping of both. Plus, you and your family can easily take part in cherished memories you’ll never forget!

Houston has plenty of holiday events taking place this year throughout the month of December. Regardless of where you live in the city, there are plenty of excellent options to choose from, especially if you’re living in the best apartments in the area. My favorites? Barcelona Apartments, Bella Vista, Waterstone Place, and Providence at Memorial to name a few. They’re in quick reach of this event as well as near some of the best parts of town, very handy for whenever you’re looking for something fun to do over the weekend!

This event is definitely going to be hugely popular with the community so I definitely recommend that you get your tickets now while you still can! If you’re looking for a handy resource about this event, as well as a place to buy tickets, check out this useful link HERE. Tickets are anywhere from $17 to $85 but I can promise you that the experience is definitely worth it.

Take the time to spread some holiday cheer with a beloved holiday adventure! Remember to stay warm out there!


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Dec 8